Magic. Magic by its very nature is something unusual and different. It is universal in its entertainment appeal across all age groups and all segments of society. It’s lack of explanation unites us and puts all classes, ages, races, incomes, and beliefs on a level playing field.

An illusion defies everyday expectations, holds our attention, and draws us back for more. It lets us laugh at indescribable situations and at ourselves as our minds try to comprehend what we are witnessing.

Magic lets us see opportunities. It presents a world with out borders and possibilities. Magic is the world of “What if?”

Copeland. Jeff Copeland is an award-winning, sleight-of-hand entertainer who seeks to relate to all people in all environments. Magic is his means of communication. Jeff’s approach is personal, engaging, and backed by a Master’s degree in Intercultural Studies.

Jeff seeks to be original and creative with fun stage antics and new illusions you won’t see anywhere else, along with fresh takes on a few favorite magic classics. Jeff’s illusions will take you right to the edge of your seat in anticipation, then let you relax in awe and laughter.

His shows are not only entertaining, but also interactive. The guests at the show will not only see the magic, but may even have the opportunity be a part of the action as they watch the illusion transpire right in their very own hands.

Jeff has spent his life working on communication, presentation, and skilled sleight-of-hand. These combined talents make for an exceptional show like no other. Catch a performance now in Houston, Texas!

1st Place Close-up Magician Kansas City – 2011-2012
1st Place Close-up Magician St. Louis – 2012-2013
1st Place Stage Magician Winter Carnival of Magic – 2012-2013
1st Place Close-up Midwest Magic Jubilee – 2012-2013
Member of the FFFF Close-up Magic Society. Invitation only Club.

With just a couple of clicks and a few brief moments of your time, this site will provide what you need to know next about Jeff’s performances. Watch a couple of illusions, read testimonials from satisfied clients, and learn how the CopelandMagic experience really is… A M A Z I N G!

So, just say the magic word and Contact Jeff.