One of the many great things about magic is how it works in just about any environment. Jeff’s show can create instant connections in the crowd when everyone is overcome with the same emotional response of laughter and astonishment. Children are captivated and adults are astonished.

The CopelandMagic Experience is appropriate for just about any event that calls for celebration and good times. Here are a few popular ideas…

While the wedding party members are busy taking photos, let your guests mix and mingle in a laughter-filled environment as they await the arrival of the bride and groom.

wedding_decor2wedding_decor1Jeff’s strolling magic is highly entertaining, but very low-key so as not to distract from the main event. Jeff discretely strolls the room, breaking-the-ice among non-related guests, and building bonds of friendship for those already acquainted.
You’ve invested in the dress, the tux, the flowers, the food, the complete party ambience. (You may have even bought those matching ball caps that say “bride” and “groom”). Now, make the “pre-party” segment of your Wedding Day something to be remembered, too.

At a wedding reception, Jeff uses close-up magic tricks to entertain groups of 5-10 people at a time. Table guests begin to learn about each other. Laughter and smiles open up conversations, and the wait-time melts away. The enjoyment continues as Jeff works the room making and introducing new friends. It is a rewarding investment, and you will be pleasantly surprised that Jeff will be one of your most affordable parts of the day.

Until the special couple graces the room and the party truly begins…let CopelandMagic work its enchantment.

The people that observed you at Hannah & Zeke’s reception were quite entertained and amazed by your table side illusions. Several guests mentioned how the time passed quickly with this extra bit of entertainment as they waited for the bride & groom to arrive at the reception. Thank you so much for sharing your talent!God’s Blessings,
Steve & Carla 
Columbia – Missouri
Jeff-Copeland-LightsWe all love to celebrate the best parts of life. Special dates, retirements, the holidays, and more… Parties are one of our favorite ways to share and cheer happy occasions!

Jeff is a versatile performer who will make his magic presentation just right for your special event. It will be appropriate for the crowd and tailored for your specific party setting. From corporate functions to family gatherings, Jeff’s talents cover them all.

We can’t say enough good things about your show. We have heard from every single person that came that it was the best party they had ever been to… It was so nice to turn the entertainment over to someone else. It really made for a very easy party on my part. Truly the easiest party I have ever planned, so thank you! We are your biggest cheerleaders. You are awesome!Thanks so much!
Sarah & Dan
Columbia – Missouri
We had Jeff Copeland to entertain our staff Christmas party for The Strand Salon and Spa during cocktails before dinner. He is a perfect introduction to a party. His warm and friendly smile welcomes guests to observe his sleight of hand at very close range. “That blows me away!” is often heard along with giggles and laughter as he performs his magic. He works the room to make sure everyone has a chance to participate in an intimate setting. EVERYONE said what a “great idea!!” it was to have him there.Mitchell Farris
Owner of The Strand Salon and Spa
Columbia -Missouri
0047-1024x682Community events are a big part of what Jeff does. His experience and dedication to this audience and style of presentation will help your event be a huge success. Festivals, Fairs, and Carnivals are a great environment for a magic show. Jeff has been performing on stage for most of his life, getting an early start entertaining students at summer camp while he was still a teenager himself.
Standing 6’ 4,’’ Jeff is visible in a crowd and is able to work in many environments. His natural stage presence and great big smile create a center of attention that attracts an audience as the magic show unfolds. His performance will demand attention from all age groups.
When it’s an annual event, the attendance level for the coming year will be based in part on the word-of-mouth chatter and entertainment value of the current year. Let Jeff help build the success of your future events, too!

Jeff is also able to offer a bilingual performance which will draw crowds of both English and Spanish-speaking attendees.
(Request at time of booking.)

Contact Jeff today to find out how this year’s festival can be the best yet!

Jeff did a fabulous job and I hope to work with him in the near future. He was great with the kids!Erin Carillo
Columbia Parks and Rec – 
Only Jeff Copeland can stand out in a crowd – we hired him for our highly successful and anticipated Twilight Festival, and he was an instant hit! His talent is something we are fortunate to have locally, and not lost to a major city. Thanks, Jeff for an outstanding show!Erika
Columbia Downtown District
 – Missouri