How does a magic show work in a church environment?

Illusions are visual illustrations, and our culture is a visually oriented society. Television, the web, our phones… anywhere and everywhere, something is always drawing our visual attention. Recent studies actually suggest that 83% of human learning occurs visually. When that visual stimulus comes from LIVE theater, people are tuned-in.
Everyone enjoys watching a good magic trick. Every year there is a variety of magic specials on TV, a masked magician or whoever on your favorite network channel performing tricks. Why? Because magic consistently gets ratings! People love to watch the acts unfold… even if it’s just in hopes the entertainer will fail. Which is fine by Jeff – he comes prepared with years of practice and performance experience, and is ready to amaze.

The show is interactive and audience members are part of the action. In Jeff’s show each trick is carefully crafted to create wonder, usually with a bit of zany comedy. Every show is a little different because audience members will participate throughout the performance. Not just passively sitting – the audience is intently focused and attentive. Each trick has a role to play in creating an environment where God can speak.

When people stare at the stage waiting anxiously to see what happens next, Jeff has their full attention. (Better not blink – or you might miss something!) And while that attention is in his grasp, Jeff uses the opportunity to share about the Love of God through Jesus Christ.

Jeff was funny, animated, and brought a sense of electricity to the atmosphere of our event. As he neared the end of his ‘act,’ he smoothly transitioned to a clear, concise presentation of the Gospel.Pastor Ron Rich
Ashland Baptist Church – Missouri

For your event, Jeff comes alongside to serve and make it the best experience it can be in whatever way possible. That includes working with your theme, your time frame, or whatever is needed to get the Word out and have a fun time doing so.

The illusions provide a family friendly entertainment for all, but ultimately have a spiritual significance. This ministry is a creative endeavor.  It is astonishing, mind-blowing, character-altering Entertainment with a Message.

“Almost a month later people are still taking about your skill and professionalism in your presentation…”Rick Hall
Director of Missions for
Crossroads Association – Missouri

Contact Jeff today to learn how this show can be a fun and thought-provoking ministry to your congregation, as well as a “bring them in the door” outreach to your community.


1.Illusion works in any environment. It is a tool that breaks down barriers of communication, overcomes cultural differences, and creates instant connections as the audience shares the same emotional response of laughter and astonishment. It doesn’t matter if it is on the mission field in the hills of Pomabamba, Peru with no electricity, no running water, and no English, or if it is in the biggest theater style church in the heart of Charolette, North Carolina. Illusion communicates! Children are wowed and adults are captivated.

2.The Message is always the same. Jeff was called to ministry at age 17. When you bring Jeff in, you can rest easy knowing you are getting a responsible, seminary trained Christian leader who will represent you and your congregation well. The means of communication is non-traditional; the Gospel message is timeless.

3.The show is Professional. It is full of current, up-to-date, and captivating sleight-of-hand Illusions. Jeff is an award-winning magician who regularly enters performance competitions, attends magic conferences and conventions, and is a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

4.The show is Exceptional, and the goal is to exceed expectations, Attendees will leave in good spirits and full of thought-provoking contemplation. Not just “How did he do that?” but more importantly, remembering real-life object lessons of not being deceived by mere appearance. Only Jesus is “The Way, The Truth, and The Life.

5.People will remember. This event is known to be reputation-making for the hosting group or church. Jeff will be an ambassador for your group,. The evening will be remembered because you brought in a professional, quality entertainer to help share the Gospel message in a fun and engaging way. Even after the show is over, watch and listen as people keep talking for weeks and months to come. The desire is to help your church continue in its effort to be a friendly and welcoming place of influence in your community.