One of the best things about a magic show is how it works in just about any environment!

Magic is a tool that can break down barriers of communication, overcome cultural differences, reach all demographics, create instant connections, and captivate crowds.

For your event, Jeff is ready to mingle among the guests with close-up prestidigitation. This is great for a meet-and-greet hour with any size group. He works his way through the crowd performing illusions in spectators’ hands and within inches of their face, boggling their minds with seemingly impossible stunts that defy the laws of physics.

If it is a banquet or stage event, he will present a show that is custom made for you, focused on the age and size of your program. Everyone will see original creations of wonder unique only to Jeff’s light-hearted style, as well as a few classic effects with a current twist that will leave them talking about your event!

You can customize the show to fit your needs. Whether it’s 10 people or 10,000, Jeff will make your night magical!

The Copeland Magic show is…


The show is full of current, up-to-date, and striking illusions.
It is not your Uncle Frank’s coin trick.


The desire is to exceed expectations.
People will not just see tricks, they will have an experience.


Jeff is an ambassador for your organization. He will provide quality entertainment that will be remembered long after the event.